One of a Kind Hand Wrapped Necklace | Aquarius season
One of a Kind Hand Wrapped Necklace | Aquarius season

One of a Kind Hand Wrapped Necklace | Aquarius season

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Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection. It relieves stress and is very calming and healing stone. It's purifying energy is linked to cleansing the mind of negative thoughts and addictive behaviours, making amethyst a powerful healing stone in this way.

As it's purple in colour it coincides with the third eye chakra, so this crystal helps with intuition and psychic abilities! Amethyst can open channels to telepathy, lucid dreaming, spiritual awareness, creativity, past life regression and clairvoyance. It's also a great stone to meditate with! Amethyst is also a very peaceful and relaxing stone that can help reduce nightmares.

AA grade blue kyanite...

Blue Kyanite holds extraordinary energy that strengthens psychic abilities, telepathy, empathy and opens the minds energy centres. It acts a bridge to the universe providing a link to spirit guides, universal downloads and the transmitting and receiving of healing energy. It can also help channel altered states and lucid dreams which is why its sometimes known as the 'tripping stone'. 

This crystal is especially helpful if you do any kind of energy work as it not only boosts your gifts but it dosn't retain any negative energy! This is a stone you don't really need to cleanse.

It balances all of the chakras but is especially helpful for the throat and third eye. Living in your truth and seeing new perceptions is a big vibe for this crystal. 

Blue copper turquoise...

In many cultures copper turquoise is believed to keep you in connection with the spirit world and psychic sensitivity. It is traditionally a very personal symbol of friendship and brings peace to those who wear it. Its also said the crystal acquires the characteristics of its owner!

It's a powerful healing stone, attracting success, strength and prosperity. 


Larimar is the embodiment of the tranquil sea and sky energies. It is the crystal of serenity with its soft blues and white patterns resembling sunlight dancing on the water. It brings the ancient wisdom of atlantis and the healing power of the ocean to harmonise the body and soul. 

Larimar also helps activate and unblock the throat chakra, helping with communication and encouraging you to live in your truth. 

These crystals come wrapped in sterling silver coated copper wire. Copper magnifies energy transfers from minerals and helps move energy in the body. Silver is also known as the 'Moon's Metal' and has a sacred connection to the divine feminine. 

It comes on a 17 inch sterling silver chain.

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