The Red Tent

The Red Tent

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A place that has long been used by women to gather in once a month to bleed, connect, and create a space for their hearts to crack open, their wombs to unfold and for their wisdom to pour out in a collective ocean of the divine feminine.

While bleeding women are said to be half way between the world of the living and the world of the dead. Able to journey into the depths of the shadows and uncover the deepest knowledge within.

It is a place of magic and freedom. Rebellion and inner knowing. Connection and softness.

It is a place of sisters that bond for life. 



to The Red Tent.


Inside The red Tent you will have access to:

- A whatsapp group to connect and share with all sisters. 

- A monthly email sharing a womb practice, yoga practice, yoga nidra, playlist, song,  journal prompt, womb ritual or teachings into the physical and energetical aspects of the womb space and pelvis. All are purely offerings for your benefit and are optional.

- 1x live monthly online sister circle.

Come and discover the wisdom of your blood. Share with the circle, explore your own troubles or issues that have arisen and connect with sisters that can offer wisdom.

The circle will start with a sister greeting, a guided practice to connect into the womb space, and a chance to share whatever has come up for you in the month. There will then be a workshop held by either myself or a guest to offer wisdom in the way of the woman.

-  13% discount on all other Maya Kala Offerings. The number of the feminine. 


As the circle grows more offerings will for sure pour from heart into this space. The sisters I wish I had growing up. 

E x


p.s. A welcome email will be sent to you after confirmation, please check your junk folder if you haven't received it.