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Online Tarot Session

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Tarot is an ancient way of reading into the energies at play, of putting a story on the table, and of diving into the heart of any healing that's begging to take place.

Held in sacred space these intuitive tarot sessions create a map to your psyche so that we can explore the roots of what makes you, you! Let's fan the flames of your potential and direct you towards a life that dances in the heat of pleasure and passion.

Tarot is not a fortune teller. 

Tarot is not a quick fix. 

It's an art form that can be used to explore the greatest version of yourself, dive into your shadows and help heal deep routed pain.

If pain were balls and knots of string buried inside us, tarot would have the power to uncover the threads that not only led to the creation of these painful points, but the ones that can unravel the entire thing, if carefully pulled on.

It empowers. 

It reminds. 

It helps heal. 

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