Womb Work for Women


This space exists to reconnect you to the shakti, the feminine power, that resides within you. This is the creative energy, the sexuality, the blood wisdom, the ability to walk the line of life and death, the intuition, the connection to the great mother and above all - the connection to ourselves.

It is for any woman of any age that feels she needs to reconnect to her feminine, her cycles, her body or herself. Helpful for trauma surrounding womanhood, fertility help, difficulties with stress, sleep, pms and other pain related to cycles.

I also welcome friends/mothers & daughters that would like to work on something together in this space.

You are woven with magic. 
You are the gate between worlds.
You are the wild unleashed.
You are mother, daughter, sister, witch.
You are woman. 
Completely led by you and your needs, we can play with...
womb yoga
womb rituals 
anatomy lessons and physical awareness of the body
plant medicines
yoga nidra
cyclical living 
blood wisdom
inner child work
breath work
embodying pleasure
... and more.
  I will always do a free initial call to get to know each other, chat through what you would like to get from these sessions, and see if we are the right fit. 
It is important with anyone you are working with that you feel safe, held and heard.
If my wisdom is not what you need I will always direct you towards other teachers I have worked with and loved. 
All sessions are held over zoom. To book a free initial call email me at emily.a.hall@outlook.com.

Single 1.5 - 2 hour session - £125

4 week container - £475 £25 saved

5 week container - £575 £50 saved

6 week container - £675 £75 saved

(sliding scale available for affordability)