To book a tarot reading with me please email 

Tarot is an ancient tool used to gain insights into our own personal journeys. Consulting the cards can be a beautiful way to map out our energies, lessons, past wounds and potential future obstacles, providing us with deep insight into our lives. 

The art of tarot reading is completely unique to each reader. My gift is with my third eye so I use intuitive tarot to bring through messages that might appear outside of the cards as well as within. With this in mind what comes up may be quite personal, so I put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe space as we move through the reading. 

Feel free to come with questions, feel free to come without. The readings tend to go in the direction of what you need to hear the most so don't worry if you have nothing specific to ask.  

The readings last one hour and can be done over Skype from anywhere in the world or in person in a beautiful space in Wasing, Reading. The benefit of an in person reading comes with tea, a sacred space, candles, smudging and some breath work at the beginning of the reading.

All sessions can be recorded for you to listen back to at a later date.


Over skype - 45.00 GDP

In person - 65.00 GDP