Meet Emily

Leo Ascendant | Aquarius sun | Scorpio Moon 

Emily Hall is the founder and creator of Maya Kala. Translated from Sanskrit to mean many things it can be 'The Art of Working with both the Light and the Darkness within' or 'The art of working with what can be seen and what cannot'. For example the physical body or the womb, and the energy that resides there. Maya can also be translated as Illusion, Kala can mean art.
Kala is also widely recognised as the gifts possessed by Kali, the great wisdom goddess of time and Darkness/Blackness. She is a fierce goddess who watches over the passage of time and life, and has the power to cut away everything that does not serve you - no matter how painful that loss could be. Like a loving but strong mother that wants the best for her daughter. 
The name Maya Kala came to Emily when she was very young, barely 18, and she is continuously unfolding and learning about all of the magic behind the words that came through all those years ago.  
Currently nestled in the south of England, Emily has plans to build and move into a sustainable tiny home on wheels, travel with her love, and discover hidden pieces of land right in the heart of nature. Creating bases for retreats, gatherings, workshops, and her Red Tents. The Red Tent is a sacred and Safe space for women to share their stories of menarche, bleeds, moon correlations, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, menopause, crone years etc. It is a central and powerful part of the work Emily does for women.
Follow the journey at @emilyannahall !
At the age of 16 Emily signed up to her first yoga class that had been offered at her school in Kent, Uk. After falling in love with the practice, at 18 years old she trained and completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Tandy Pengally as part of The Yoga Alliance.
Emily then went on to dive into Yin yoga with Norman Blair on the hunt for a more feminine approach to yoga as many of the traditional forms of yoga asana were created by men for men. 
 This Led her to Jill Watson, Sivani Mata and Uma Dismore-Tuli. Three integral teachers in shaping the woman Emily has become. She Trained in Uma's Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therpay 220hrs course in 2022 and has been embodying the more feminine practices of Womb/Shakti yoga since.