Maya Kala, or Magic Art, is a curation of everything I love. In this space flows my soul. From the tarot readings I bring through to the designs and blog posts I share, I made Maya Kala to help honour, empower and connect others to the magic of the universe. To spirit. And most importantly, to themselves.
My designs come from my love of mysticism and the natural world. The art of adornment is an ancient one, routing back to a time where we would layer ourselves in earths metals and stones, believing it to heal or protect our energy. A necklace was worn to keep a crystal hanging over the heart space, a crown to increase our connection to god. Everything had meaning. Everything was sacred. And this is what I bring into my own creations.
I am a yoga teacher and tarot reader currently living in the UK, and have always had a connection to the world of the unseen. My friends used to say I had one foot in this world and one in the next, a wild witch of a women who follows her own rules. And I love that.
I hope this space brings that energy out of you as well. I hope my wildness calls to yours. 
With love, 
Em x



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You can always contact me via Instagram or email to find out more about anything, ask questions, or just say hi!

@mayakalastore @emilyannahall emily.a.hall@outlook.com



There is a big big emphasis on sustainability within Maya Kala. Our packaging is made with recycled and eco friendly materials, and all crystals are ethically sourced and hand chosen by myself.

We are currently working on giving a percentage of sales back to helping protect this beautiful wild earth, and find worthwhile causes to support. 

My hope is to contribute to a more beautiful world. Thank you for all the continued support in my journey towards that goal.