What are Spirit Guides? And how to contact yours


According to modern mystics, spirit guides are non physical beings that help us attain our highest potential as we navigate this human life. They have already mastered their lessons on earth and so come through to help others do the same.

No matter your cultural or spiritual background, you'll have a full team of spirit guides giving you an added layer of knowledge, wisdom and protection. Sometimes showing up as animal guides, ancestors, voices or visions they always vibrate at a higher than human frequency. You can think of them as souls or energy that have made their way to a higher plane.

Some belief systems state that you get a specific set of spirit guides that come to you at birth and stay with you for this life, while others belief that different guides can come and go.


What do they do?

Your spirit guides are here for your benefit, often to help you make tough decisions, bring the right people into your life and help connect you with your soul’s true purpose. They’ll send you clues that it’s time to leave a relationship, protect you from negativity and  increase your creativity by giving you new inspiration.


Types of spirit guides

- Your higher self

This is one guide you always have. Your highest self is the part of you that’s deeply connected with the energy of the universe. The part of you that is the divine. It, or you, has access to the infinite knowledge of the universe, as that’s what you’re made up of at the core of you. All you have to do is tap into it. This can feel like your intuition or a sixth sense about something.


- Ancestors and ascended masters

There’s a theory that when someone dies, their spirit ascends to a higher plane as their energy re connects with that of the universe. The souls can stay here and help out other humans on their paths before reincarnating once again.

These can be relatives you knew in this lifetime, people or ancestors from previous lives, or spirits your soul has never had contact with before.


- Plant spirits

These can pop up as flowers growing on the graves of loved ones, plants that pop up when you re working with a specific herb or flower, or if you spend a lot of time out in nature . Trees are the oldest, wisest plants and are connected to each other through a mass of thin fungal threads known as a mycelium. They can communicate, store knowledge and share nutrients through this underground network. 


- Animal spirits

Every living thing has a spirit, whether it be a plant of an animal. These guides can turn up in dreams, meditations or as a sign or signal. For example seeing a hawk every time you have a specific thought or experience. Most of us feel connected to at least one animal but we can have loads of animal guides over our lifetimes.


- Deities

Every culture has a strong set of deities. Some feel they are personifications of earthly things, while others believe they are conscious beings. If you feel drawn to specific gods or goddesses, enhance that connection by learning about them. What do they stand for? What are their mythologies?


- Galactic beings

Many people believe that some of us have ancestral connections to different galaxies. We don't just reincarnate here on earth, but throughout the stars and planets as well. This could be as a Lyran, Andromedan, Acturian, Orian, Sirian or Pleiadian etc. These guides may have known you in another form and are guiding you through your human experience to help you learn specific lessons.


- Universal or spirit energy

Some people don't see, hear or sense any particular guide but instead tap into the all knowing energy of the universe. This is the collective sea of universal energy that makes up everything. It is all around us, and is us. Some call it the divine, spirit, source, god or universe. You always have access to this, and always will.


How to connect with your guides?

They can communicate with you through dreams, signs, symbols, gut feelings, synchronicities, divination, numbers and meditations. The best thing you can do is to trust your instincts and start to notice the signs and synchronicties coming your way. Repeating numbers ? Words ? A feeling of Deja - vu ? They all mean something.

To connect directly to your guides try a meditation. There are lots of free guided meditations on youtube that allow you to see your animal guides, or higher self. And if that’s not for you try simply laying down, closing your eyes and repeating in your mind ‘I open myself up to benevolent higher beings that have my highest selfs interest at heart’. Be patient and see what comes up. See where your mind takes you.

It also helps to solidify your spiritual practice. Communicating with your guides is a spiritual practice, and with any practice the more you do it the better you become. Set up a time everyday to sit in silence and gratitude. Maybe add some journalling, meditation or a tarot card pull - whatever you feel connected to. Just find something that helps you connect to your spirituality and practice it as much as you can.


How to keep the relationship going with your guides

Your guides are always happy to help but it’s always nice when a relationship goes both ways.  Some belief systems treasure holding your guides details close to your heart as a scared bond between the two if you. You can get to know your guides by asking them questions, calling on them often or asking for help. It’s also a nice idea to show respect and gratitude by leaving offerings or setting up an alter with their favourite things.


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