The Law of Attraction & Manifestation

The law of attraction is the theory that you attract the same energy you expel. Like attracts like. It’s a concept that’s been highly talked about over the years and for good reason. The theory is that each thought you have creates an energy flow within and around our physical beings. This energy attracts its likeness. If you give out positive thoughts and energy, you attract the same back to you. Vice versa if you give out negative thoughts, that is what you will attract back to yourself. This is because your thoughts determine your experience. Your thoughts create and bring to you whatever you think about.


In 1912 Charles Haanelb described the law of attraction as ‘the greatest and the most infallible law upon which the entire system of creation depends.’


Your thoughts, along with everything else, vibrate at a certain frequency. When you send out low vibrational thoughts, low vibrational energy is returned to you. To phrase it in another way, if you constantly think bad things are going to happen, it is more likely that they will. The expectancy of something going wrong manifests into a real life situation.  This works with positives too. High vibrational thoughts, positive thoughts, return high vibrational energy. If you think amazing things are going to happen, they are more likely to manifest.


Whatever we focus on we experience more of. That is the law of attraction. You attract what you focus on. Now does that mean that there is actually more of what we focus on because we attract more of it? Or does the amount of what we focus on stay the same, but it’s our experience with it that we attract more of ?


Let me give you an example...

When you focus on something, your brain picks up on it much more frequently. For example, when you think about a certain type of car, you start seeing that car everywhere right?  Even if you've never noticed it around you before? 

Now that you’re focusing on it, you notice it more.

Is that because you physically attracted it so there are in fact more of those cars around you now? Or has there always been that many, and you just haven't noticed until you thought about it and enhanced you experience with them because your brain is now bringing the cars to the forefront of your attention where it previously did not?


Well, the law of attraction says it’s both. The actual amount increases because vibrationally you are attracting it towards you. And, our experience with it increases as well because our brain is more hardwired to noticing it. This way our experience with whatever we are attracting can increase infinitely. If we keep focusing on something we can attract it over and over again.


So why isn’t everyone living the life of their dreams?


The answer to this is simple - people think more about what they don’t want than what they do and so unintentionally manifest it into their lives. Listen to your thoughts and listen to the words they are saying. The law will attract what you think about, even if you’re thinking about things you DON’T want.


The trick is to learn to think about the things you want and picture them as if they are already happening. How does it feel in that moment? What emotions do you get, what can you see, hear, touch, smell? Using your emotions and this creative visualisation technique you can consciously start attracting things into your life. This could be wealth, opportunities, travel, food, passing an exam etc.

Some tips to consciously use the law of attraction to manifest things into your life …


- Have clarity around what it is you want to attract. Focus on what you desire and visualise the exact scenario in as much detail as you can.


- Clarify how it would make you feel and connect with that feeling. This is the most important step as using your emotions is the fastest way to manifest. Feel what you want to experience. Feel the happiness it would bring you as if it were happening right now.

- Keep your awareness on what you want. Commit to the idea that you already have what you want to attract. It won’t work if you sit and think about it for an hour and then the rest of the time you still believe you don’t have it.


- Write your wish down. In the present tense as if it’s happening right now, and in a positive way. So instead of saying I don’t wan’t something, say I have/am something.  Then put it somewhere you can re read it. Perhaps on a mirror or use it as a book mark if you read a lot. This will just keep reminding you of what you want to attract. Something like, I am so happy and I am so grateful now that …


- Start paying attention to your day to day thoughts and just observe where they go. That way you can start to notice any thoughts that are ‘negative’ or ‘complaints’ and start to switch them out. Every thought you make manifests something and the more conscious you are about where your mind goes the easier you can manifest abundance into your life the whole time.


- Think about what you want to attract first and last thing. Your dreams can help you manifest if the last thoughts of the day are on what you desire. Similarly waking up and thinking about it first thing sets your day up to attract everything you wish for.


- Energy flows where attention goes. Keep in mind your thoughts become things. Believe it. 


- Don’t forget to act towards your goals. The law of attraction creates opportunities for things to happen but if you turn them down it won’t matter how much you manifest it isn’t going to work. For example if you’re manifesting a trip abroad and you take a wrong turn on a walk and walk past a travel agency. That can be the opportunity you are attracting.


- Show gratitude for what you already have and what you will have. Showing gratitude will only attract more things into your life and is the highest vibrational emotion there is. Maybe write down something every day that you are grateful for. This will shift your mindset dramatically into a more positive experience. Which is what you need to consciously manifest other positive experiences into your life.


- One last piece of advice. Ask yourself if what you’re doing right now helps you get towards your ultimate goal, or if it’s just distracting you from it.


Em x

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