The Basics of EFT Tapping | Emotional freedom technique

The emotional freedom technique uses tapping to release energy blocks in the body that could be causing us physical pain, PTSD, emotional stress, illness or fatigue. It’s also able to remove the blocks that stop us from attracting love and abundance into our lives. Here’s how it works...


The meridians

There are 72,000 meridians, or nadis in Indian Ayurveda, in the body however only twelve major ones. These 12 meridians are divided into the 5 elements. Water, earth, fire, air and spirit. There are two meridians per element with the exception of fire, which has 4.

Each meridian is made up of a series of points where the energy collects. Some of these are known as the chakras. On the 12 main meridians there are 365 energy points. Mainly used in acupuncture, there is one for every day of the year. These points can become so full of energy it prevents any further movement of the energy, or can become so depleted they that they need daily charging. Tapping some key points in the body can help move this energy.


The tapping sequence and technique

The tapping points...

1. Side of hand (karate chop point)

2. Eyebrow

3. Side of eye 

4. Under eye

5. Under nose

6. Chin

7. Collarbone

8. Underarm

9. Top of head


Tap through each point using the eft hand for the left side and the right hand for the right (with the exception for the side of hand). Tap with firm but gentle pressure with two or four fingers. two for sensitive areas and four for wider areas like the side of the hand, top of head, collar bone and underarm. Tap each point 5-7 times starting with the side of the hand and ending with the to of the head. This is one round. There are normally two.

While going through the specific tapping sequence, you must say a phrase out loud. The phrases can change and are used to bring attention to the issue at hand. Perhaps to heal a certain area, or attract something into your life. The phrase you choose is repeated at every tapping point.

The two rounds of tapping use two different phrases. The first rounds phrase is to identify the problem and the feeling you’re trying to shift. This s calling out the energy and bringing it to the surface. This phrase should be along the lines of ‘Even though I feel ............ , I deeply and completely let that go’. If you don’t feel anything has shifted after thus round, feel free to repeat it as many times as it takes.

The second round of tapping uses a phrase to shift the energy and remove blocks in your energetic system. This phrase will be a positive affirmation such as ‘I am safe in my own body’ ‘I am worthy of abundance, and attract it into my life’ or ‘I am over flowing with joy and love’.

For extra power in your tapping, try tapping on a new moon to release something big, and a full moon when you want to bring in more energy!

Em x

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