Numerology in Tarot


(ace). New beginnings, independence, purpose, masculine, dosn't sit on the sidelines, go getter, confidence, individualism, straight forward, to the point, loyal, can laugh at themselves in life and tends to use that as a coping mechanism. 


Duality, balance, choice, peace maker, patience, feminine, tender yet strong and survives everything thrown at her, wise, loyal, confident, acts behind the scene facilitating outcomes without others knowing she's played her hand, sees truth in human behaviours, grace, refinement, finesse.


Artists number, creativity, skill, new journeys, youthful energy, inspiration, expression, may need guidance but a mature number three energy has self actualisation, wisdom, inner peace, a mix of feminine and masculine (1+2), strength and happiness. 


Logic, success, stability, organisation, structure, rigidness, manifestation, the energy is unchanging, strong, patient, contains lots of hard work but is not flexible and cannot go with the flow.


Freedom, chaos, instability, change, sensuality, sometimes chaotic sometimes completely free to go with the flow, ever shifting, chasing joy and passion, no structure and can be hectic. 


Friends, family, home, responsibility, care, love, calmness, kindness, cooporation, harmony, generosity of giving without expecting anything in return, content, happy with people surrounding them.


Reflection, rest, observation, contemplation, once the seeds are sewn all thats left to do is wait, go inwards, defence over offence, slow down, think before you jump. 


Drive, focus, ambition, energy, focus on moving forwards, haste, completing goals, little emotion, logical, very practical, related to number 4, nothing can cloud its judgment. 


Completion, endings, harvest, solitude, end of another cycle, new energy comes next after some rest, time alone, fruition, attainment.


New energy, rebirth, new beginnings after a cycle has ended. 1+0 = 1. The start of a new cycle again. 


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