How Do Crystals Work?


Crystals are thought to be the most stable form of matter in the universe due to how they are formed within the earths crust. Crystallisation occurs when layers of the planets mantle fracture, releasing gases and liquids that rise towards the surface. As this mixture rises and cools, crystals begin to grow in the newly formed cavities. Crystals will form differently depending on the conditions surrounding them, creating the variety of colours and shapes that we see.

Everything vibrates at a certain frequency - atoms are constantly vibrating with energy. Depending on the frequency of this vibration it can radiate higher energies such as kinds, gratitude and love, or lower energies like jealousy or fear.

As humans our vibrational frequency is affected by our surroundings. The people around us, our memories, technology, the weather etc. Crystals on the other hand retain a stable, fixed vibrational frequency as they are made of regularly repeating, perfect geometric patterns of molecules. The more stable the energy of something, the more powerful it is which is why crystals are so powerful in healing work.

Crystals vibrate at different frequency depending on their composition and colour. Some crystals match the frequency of our bodies energy field and chakras, while others match the frequencies found in nature. The colours we see are specific frequencies of light and retain there own vibrations. Red for example has a much lower vibrational frequency than purple. Red is therefore much more grounding and works with physical energy in the body rather than purple which deals more with our higher connection to the universal energy. If you know the bodies chakra system the lowest chakra (the root chakra) is red where as the highest (the crown chakra) is purple.

When we come into contact with a crystal its vibration interacts with our own, diffusing, shifting, absorbing or moving our energy. Working with crystal energy helps the body find its natural rhythm again and can realign our energy fields when they move out of harmony. This can alleviate emotional, physical and mental stress, and help make desires shifts within us. Crystals are also thought to be able to stimulate brain activity, amplify your bodies healing potential, restore energy and stimulate energy flow through your meridians/nadis and reconnect you to yourself and our earth.

Throughout history crystals have been used in jewellery with the belief they would heal or protect the wearer. People would wear necklaces to keep a crystal hanging over the heart space, belly dancers would wear belly chains with red stones in order to increase their sexual energy, and forehead crowns were worn to increase our connection to god/source/pachamama. Rings were used to stimulate the flow of energy through meridians, and earrings were used to stimulate certain reflex points. Perhaps all jewellery was originally made in order to keep certain stones on certain body points.


Crystals used since ancient times...

All over the world crystals are recognised to hold spiritual power.

  • Ancient Egyptians used crystals for protection and health. They would bury their deceased with a piece of quartz on their foreheads, believing it to help guide them through the afterlife.
  • Pharaohs carried a zinc cylinder and a copper cylinder filled with quartz to balance their yin and yang energy.
  • In ancient Japan, quartz crystal spheres were called the hearts of dragons, and symbolised wisdom and power.
  • Ancient greeks rubbed themselves with crushed hematite before going into battle believing it would make the invincible.
  • Amongst the romans crystals were used in medical treatment as well as to attract desirable things, protect them in battle, and enhance health.
  • In India, the 5000 year old sacred texts discuss the use of crystals to help cure certain illnesses. Indian Ayurveda also recognises the use of crystals to heal the body on all levels. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Aztecs, mayans and incas all understood the power of crystals for balance and healing and would use these minerals to diagnose and treat disease.
  • In tibet quartz crystal spheres were believed to assist in the road to enlightenment as they held great spiritual power.


How to use...

An easy way to utilise crystals is to lay stones with different vibrational frequencies on your body. Try matching the colours of the crystals to the chakras in the body. So lay a purple stone on your third eye, blue on your throat etc to help open the energy channels.

A crystal pendulum can be used to read the energy in the body as well as answer yes or no questions.

Placing crystal grids around your home or around your body when meditating can enhance their energy and properties.

Wearing certain crystals as jewellery or placing them in your wallets, cars, under your pillow, at door entrances, in baths or in pockets can have different desirable effects. For example amethyst under your pillow can help you with lucid dreaming as well as with reliving nightmares.


How to cleanse and charge your crystals...

Some crystals will absorb negative energy to pull it away from you, which is great but then they get energetically clogged up. To cleanse them of any unwanted energies you can use sound healing, smoke from sacred plants, moon water or a selenite crystal. Selenites properties include be able to cleanse itself and other crystals around it. You can also charge your crystals to increase their energy by placing them under the sun or moon. Try a full moon or new moon to get the most benefits. 


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