Blood Moon | Syncing your menstrual cycle to the moon

The moon is the symbol of the divine feminine for a reason. As we start to get more in touch with ourselves we naturally begin to sync up with the energies of nature. Traditionally women will either have a red moon cycle or a white moon cycle depending on whether they bleed or ovulate with the full moon. This can change throughout your life as you shift through different energies.

Red moon cycle

This is where you bleed with the full moon and ovulate with the new moon. In this cycle your energy is focused on empowerment and self actualisation as you bleed. For this reason red moon women are seen as the shamans, healers, medicine women, priestesses and witches.

This cycle is not about fertility but instead about birthing creative ideas into the world and working with energy. Your body is fertile when the moon is dark, allowing you to bring the mysteries of your inner darkness fourth and use them to illuminate hidden truths. Hence, red moon women are the wisdom keepers in our midst.

White moon cycle

Ovulating with the full moon and bleeding with the new moon is the cycle of the mother. You are more active and full of energy as you ovulate, crops get bursts of life due to the full moons light, oceans tides rise higher and animals become more active. You are fertile with the natural cycles of of the earth and as such can use these heightened energies to manifest things into your life much faster.

As you bleed with the new moon, you make space to let go of all that no longer serves you. The new moon is the start of a new cycle. Allow yourself the chance to withdraw and nurture yourself, a new month symbolises a new start. You are birthing new life into the world, as the white moon women carry the energy of the mother.

Some tips to sync your cycle to the moon

  • Become aware of what the moon is doing and what phase it’s in. There are some great apps that you can download for free that will tell you the current phase of the moon. This way you have an idea of how your cycle syncs up to the moon already.
  • Go outside and gaze at the moon - connect to it to feel more magic, manifestations and energy throughout it’s phases.
  • Wear red, eat red food, think red and surround yourself with the colour to help regulate your cycle and when you want to bleed. This one might seem crazy but trust me it works with the law of attraction.
  • Do your best to remove artificial light pollution, especially at night time. This can create unnatural ovulatory rhythms as it reduces our ability to produce the hormone melatonin.
  • Try and sleep at a similar time every night, creating an optimal dark environment. Similarly try and wake at a similar time each day and get as much sun as you can during daylight hours.
  • Start mapping your cycle and note what the moon is doing each day as well. This helps you see the similarities between your energy and that of every living thing. It’s also a good way to understand your emotions and energy levels as they change with your hormones too.
  • Bleed on the earth. Pour your moon cup or sit yourself outside, somewhere you can ground and just be present. Make it a ritual and an offering back to mother nature.
  • Practice moon rituals. Make these personal to you! Some ideas could be manifesting with the full moon, watching the moon rise, journalling with the new moon, lighting a candle and giving thanks, laying naked under the moon, doing a tarot reading or meditating etc.

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