Astral Projection | A guide to understanding astral projection

Astral projection is the name given to an out of body experience (OBE) where the soul or ‘astral body’ separates from the physical body and is able to travel outside of it throughout the universe. Not to be confused with lucid dreaming, which is a dream where you are aware within it that you are dreaming. Astral projection is instead an experience of your consciousness leaving the body and happens most commonly right before you fall asleep or just as you wake up. That’s why you sometimes feel like you’re falling as you wake up - you can feel your astral body/consciousness/soul coming back into your physical body.

While astral projecting your soul/consciousness/astral body leaves your physical body and moves about in whats called the astral realm, or the astral plain. You feel as if you are outside of yourself and can even look at your physical body from a third person perspective.

In the astral realm time exists differently and you can travel in this form throughout the multiverse, visiting different dimensions and times, as well as places on the earth in a matter of seconds.

When your consciousness leaves your body, you enter into another frequency. Depending on your frequency or vibration, you can enter different dimensions. Raising your frequency takes you to 5D/6D/7D etc realms full of love, light and higher beings. Similarly lowering your frequency can take you to lower realms full of low vibrational emotions and beings. In our physical world we can only perceive the 3D realm and the frequencies below it. But astral projection allows you to experience higher vibrational dimensions.

Everything vibrates with energy, such as atoms etc, and higher vibrational emotions such as love, joy and happiness raise your frequency and allow you to travel to higher realms. Think of positive thoughts or memories to raise your vibration.

In our physical bodies our brain waves also alter when astral projecting. 

Our brain consists of 5 different types of brain waves; Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma brainwaves. Each of these brain waves has a normal frequency range in which they operate. Each type of brainwave controls a variety of states of #consciousness ranging from sleep to active thinking. While all brain waves work simultaneously, one brainwave can be more predominant and active than the others. The dominant brain wave will determine your current state of mind. So if you are awake and relaxed you would be considered to be in an "alpha state of mind" because your Alpha brain waves would be the strongest with the highest amplitude.” - Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

In a study done by HeartMath Institute there are brain scans that demonstrate participants entering GAMMA brain wave frequency when in the state of astral projection. A lot of the participants said that astral projection was them ‘leaving the body and accessing higher awareness.’ It’s also been shown that molecules in the pineal gland such as DMT and calcite are being compressed at this time, which makes them release photons. This process is called piezoluminescence.

Astral projection generally involves a feeling of floating outside of the body or an altered perception of the world, such as looking down on yourself or the earth from above. Often in near death experiences people give an account of this happening. An accidental astral projection. What’s fascinating though is that often people come back from astral projecting to a greater understanding or the nature of reality. With a greater awareness of life itself. Its like theres a potent shift in perception that happens while in this state that reprograms the subconscious mind. You will also notice its not possible for you to move as you would in your physical body as there are no muscles that follow your commands from the brain. Instead you have to will yourself to move.


Is astral projecting dangerous?

There is no physical risk to astral projecting as your 3D body is safe, however there is a risk that astral entities or other beings in the realm can scare you or provoke negative energy. These experiences are not dangerous unless you allow your fear to overtake you.


The benefits of astral projecting

As well as the stunning places you can visit it is said your consciousness expands during astral projection, which allows you to see the world and yourself in a new light. You become more connected to nature and the energy around you, and have a heightened sense of reality and the bigger picture. It also opens the third eye and can be a gateway to mastering other psychic gifts.


Tips to astral project

There are thousands of tips to astral project and as we are all unique some will work better for you than others. Here are just a few to get you started...


1.  Meditate

Centre yourself and breathe into the moment. Learn to quiet the mind and control which thoughts you give energy to. This will help you let go and astral project, rather than snapping out of it with every thought that comes into your head.


2. The rope technique

This was made by Robert Bruce, and focusing on using an imaginary rope to pull your astral body out of your physical. The rope will be used to exert dynamic pressure at a single point on your astral body to force its separation from the physical.


Imagine a top hanging from you ceiling and with your imaginary hands reach out and pull yourself hand over hand up the rope. You may feel dizzy as you climb higher, but keep going until you feel your body vibrating. At this point concentrate solely on lifting out of your body as you climb up and you will exit your body in the direction of the imaginary rope and be hovering just above your body!


3. The monroe technique

Dr Monroe devised this method. The first step is to relax your body completely while laying down. Try to sleep but hold yourself at the place just before you drift off. Maintain your awareness in this hypnagogic state and start to clear your mind of any unwanted thoughts. Simply look through your closed eyelids at the blackness. The next step is to induce vibrations throughout the body and intensify them. This is the moment when the astral body will separate from the physical, and all you have to do is ‘roll over’ and you'll find yourself in the astral realm gazing back at your relaxed body.


4. The displaced Awareness technique

As you sit or lay try and get into a trance state. Try to sense the entire room at once and let your eyes soften. Be very passive about what is going on. Then imagine your astral body is rotating 180 degrees. Once you finish your mental rotation your astral head should be where your feet are. With this in mind try looking at the room from this perspective. The idea is to forget about where you are and displace your sense of direction. You will feel dizzy doing this but that’s normal. The next step is to imagine yourself floating towards the roof and you may suddenly find yourself ‘popped’ out of your physical body.



- Em x

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